Watch out for Free Safe Music Tubidy Downloads

Before I start my 7 tips, it would be a good idea for me to explain why I prefer to legally download music than to use file sharing websites illegally.

You are reassured that the file you download is legal and free of viruses. Even more important, I know that no virus has infected my computer when I first open my music file.

I feel more connected to the music and artists I download. You can support an artist by choosing safe music downloads. This will lower the cost of future downloads. It also helps everyone legally download music for free.

It’s not easy to find original, decent music, so it’s a challenge to legally download free music.

While I cannot stop you from downloading illegal music, I can offer some advice based on my personal experience. Here are some of the tips that I have learned about how to quickly locate safe music downloads.

1 Watch out for Safe Music Downloads

This information is not legal and you should be very cautious about reading it. Avoid trading and swapping music. Even if there are a few legitimate users, many of the files offered will be illegal and you may end up with a low quality, slightly altered version of the track that you were looking for.

Hackers love these sites to distribute their malware. They can sometimes outperform many anti-virus programs. So even if your goal was to only find safe music downloads and you have every intention to legally download music, you might get more than you bargained!

2 Make Friends with Public Domain

Let’s face the facts, you have probably searched many times and not many sites that offer legal music downloads or safe music downloading.

You’ll find mostly older songs and recordings from gigs where fans recorded their performances. However, allows you to search for the so-called ‘public domain recordings’.

Step 3: Be a Loyal Supporter

Bands and artists, especially those with less fame, rarely have a website. Look up your favorite artists and record labels, and visit their websites. Make sure to sign up if they have a mailing address.

You will be the first to hear about new tours and updates from your favorite artists. Many labels, especially smaller labels, offer safe, promotional music downloads via their mailing lists.

Step 4: Get Social

If you don’t have a MySpace profile, chances are you will have heard of it. We recommend that you create one if you haven’t already. MySpace has thousands of musicians who are eager to share their music with you.

Listen for free and many people will gladly send you a track in exchange for your support.

MySpace has a problem: there are so many options to choose from that it is easy to get lost trying to find a sound you like. Before you dive into MySpace, make sure you know the name of the artist or genre.

Step 5: Find your Personal Radio Station

If you aren’t sure what you want to search for, you can try a Google search to Last FM or download Spotify. These are great ways to discover your style. These are just two examples of websites that allow you to stream your music at no cost, for as long or as you wish.

You can discover a new favorite artist and download their music for a low cost. This will give you the security and satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a great artist.

Step 6: Safe Music Downloads for Offline Promotions

Look out for offline promotions that offer free music. Some large brands give away iTunes credits free of charge, while others give codes and download links to people who participate in their promotions. This means safer music downloads Tubidy.

Step 7: Find the Hidden Gems of Legal Music Download Sites Online

It’s nearly impossible to find legal, high-quality, and free music downloads. However, it is also very difficult to find safe music downloads for an affordable price. It’s important to search for websites that directly work with artists. You can be sure you are receiving the original, highest quality track and that the artist is getting something in return.

How will you know if you’ve found them?

These sites feature only a handful of artists and are meticulous about their presentation and quality of service. You’ll soon be able to identify sites like this easily. I wouldn’t mind starting you!

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